Mayor of Alexandria Elections

Mayor of Alexandria Elections


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Is Money Buying Influence in the Race for Alexandria City Council?

Candidates accept contributions from people with business at City Hall.

Campaign finance documents show candidates for mayor and City Council have taken hundreds of dollars from people with business at City Hall.

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Clash for Mayor: Bill Euille Squares Off with Andrew Macdonald

Candidates for mayor meet in the first of three debates.

In their first of three scheduled debates Tuesday night at George Washington Middle School, three-term incumbent Democrat Bill Euille and independent challenger Andrew Macdonald clashed over the waterfront plan, the Base Closure and Realignment Commission and the scale of development in Alexandria.

Letter: Campaign Donations

The November ballot is long and complicated and includes the local races at the end, after the national and state contests. Please make sure to vote and remember to complete your ballot by voting for the local candidates of your choice.

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Incumbents and Former Incumbents Take Heat for BRAC Site Selection

Ghosts of 2008 haunt the BRAC five.

The ghosts of 2008 are haunting the campaign for mayor and City Council, as candidates clash over events leading up to the relocation of more than 6,000 daily commuters to the city’s West End.

Letter: Missing Information

In order to be a fully informed voter, we need to have accurate information, from a variety of reliable, factual sources. But we aren’t getting that in two different contests.

On the Campaign Trail

With six weeks to go before Election Day, it’s starting to look like Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille will not be debating former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald — at least not in a debate that doesn’t include all 12 of the City Council candidates.

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Hidden History of St. Asaph Racetrack

Del Ray was once home to an infamous gambling operation creating by a double-dealing senator.

You’d never know it today, but Del Ray was once the capital of gambling in Northern Virginia.

On the Campaign Trail

So far, three-term Mayor Bill Euille has yet to agree to a one-on-one debate with independent challenger and former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald.

On the Campaign Trail

What happens to City Councilman Rob Krupicka’s seat if he is elected to the House of Delegates next month? Fortunately for Democrats, it’s too late to have yet another special election.

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Candidates for Mayor Clash Over Environmental Impact of Watetrfront Plan

Report on health of Potomac River highlights differences between candidates.

A river runs through the candidate for mayor.

On the Campaign Trail

Politicians are always squeamish about raising their own salaries, especially when the budget season is closely tied to an election.

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Andrew Macdonald ‘Seriously Considering’ Independent Campaign for Mayor

Former Democratic elected official appears before Republicans to ask for support.

Former Democratic Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald says he is “seriously considering” an independent campaign for mayor, and he’s asking Republicans for support.