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Alexandria Letter: Memorials’ Purpose

Letter to the Editor

My grandmother and her lady friends used to carry buckets of water and soap to scrub city grime off the pedestal of the Appomattox Statue, a statue now deemed offensive by the politically correct neighbors with whom we dwell in this city.

Alexandria Letter: Re-ignite Civil War?

Letter to the Editor

My family settled in New Kent County, Va., in 1656. More than 100 of my extended family served as Confederate soldiers during the War Between the States; and many of them died in the war — including my own

Alexandria Letter: Much To Learn From the Past

Letter to the Editor

The Alexandria Gazette-Packet coverage of the Appomattox Statue controversy, Sept. 22, 2016, quotes an eloquent statement by Councilman Chapman that the statue where it stands is a "terrific teaching point that we are not all equal yet."

Alexandria Letter: All Deserve Remembrance

Letter to the Editor

I find the City Council’s ill-advised unanimous vote to move the Appomattox statue and the remarks by some councilmembers at the time offensive.

Alexandria Letter: Putting History In Context

Letter to the Editor

Unless people have been living under a rock, it must be clear to our citizens that there is a movement in today’s culture to erase Confederate symbols and history.