Alexandria Politics

Alexandria Politics


Letter: Adaptive Reuse of Ramsey Homes

Letter to the Editor

Next month, City Council will consider the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority appeal of the Parker Gray Board of Architectural Review’s unanimous denial of its request to demolish the 15-unit scattered-site public housing complex in the Parker Gray historic district, known as Ramsey Homes. Some are framing this case as historic preservation versus affordable housing, implying it is a zero sum game. However, that is a false dichotomy as both aims can, and should, be achieved.

Letter: Examining Fiscal Policies

Letter to the Editor

A recent letter praised city officials for a good bond rating. Believing that a AAA Bond rating is a sign of how great the finances of the city are being run shows a basic lack of understanding of public financing. A Bond rating directly affects how much the city has to pay to borrow money and is an indication of the level of risk an investor assumes in providing that funding. In other words, the higher your Bond rating, the easier it is to borrow money. The current Alexandria administration has subscribed to a borrow, build and hope strategy and adjusted city fiscal policies to maintain or improve the city's Bond rating rather than make responsible decisions that buy down the city's debt and reduce the future burden on the city taxpayers.

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Alexandria: Shared Vision

Chairs of boards and commissions express unity in need for more affordable housing.

City Council may be gone for the summer, but the inner workings of the city government are just getting started.

Letter: City's Enviable Balance Sheet

Letter to the Editor

One Republican City Council candidate recently referred to “debt that continues to escalate at a problematic rate.” Another Republican City Council candidate last week asserted, falsely, that the council had revised its debt policy guidelines downward. An independent City Council candidate recently spoke of the city's “burdensome” debt. Unfortunately, the recently concluded mayoral primary was dominated by false assertions about Alexandria’s debt.

Letter: Where To Spend

Letter to the Editor

A self- congratulatory announcement from the city arrived via e-news about the low interest rates our triple A bond rating has earned us. According to the mayor, it’s all due to good management.

Letter: Deferred CIP Projects

Letter to the Editor

In response to my letter to the editor about the budget that was published last week in the Alexandria Gazette, Councilman Justin Wilson suggested that I was in error concerning the debt guidelines, and that these guidelines had not been altered. Mr. Wilson was indeed correct in that the city did not alter their debt guidelines in order to close the $31 million deficit on the operating budget.

Letter: City Can Do Better

Letter to the Editor

Over the past few days in our local news, I have read various opinions over an important topic facing our city: Can our city do better? I want to unequivocally state that I know we can do better. That is why I am running for Alexandria City Council. I have enjoyed this recent discussion because quite frankly, vigorous debate is missing from the halls of City Council. When one party controls all the seats on the council, it is far too easy to fall into “group think." Democracy functions best when ideas are thoroughly debated and vetted. When all viewpoints are heard, compromise can lead to great solutions. I call for more rigorous debate when we contemplate the future of our city.

Letter: Overlooked Candidate

Letter to the Editor

While I do not live in Alexandria I was in the west end of the city recently giving a contribution to City Council candidate Monique Miles from my organization, the Virginia Federation of Republican Women. I am sure Herve Aitken [“Is City ‘Well-Run,” letter, July 30-Aug. 5, Gazette Packet] did not mean to slight or forget her as he listed all the other Republicans in the race. Ms Miles is a wonderful representative on my organization

Letter: One Party Rule

Letter to the Editor

It’s difficult to understand the response of some of our local politicians to the voting outcome that put Allison Silberberg in the running to be the next mayor of Alexandra. Unless it’s just a knee jerk reaction to losing absolute power and absolute control … the greatest danger of one-party rule. And unlike the two-party madness across the river, our council and mayor have reacted most violently against their own residents. By exercising super majority votes that despite public discussion are set in advance.

Letter: No Reason for Write-In

Letter to the Editor

If you live in affordable or low income housing, why would you possibly write-in a vote for the mayor? Under his leadership the AHRA housing stock has plummented in favor of market rate housing and soon gobs of relatively speaking, "affordable housing" apartments will soon go bye-bye in the Beauregard corridor and likely Arlandria. In a couple of years when the Waterfront is redeveloped, we'll have more tourists flocking to Old Town and the residents won't be able to leave their homes for fear of not being able to park unless they are lucky enough to have a driveway.

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Alexandria: Frontlines Falter

... in city’s affordable housing war.

While the city prepares to gain a little over 100 affordable housing units at Potomac Yard and The Filmore, one of the city’s bastions of affordable housing is in the process of pricing out residents, formerly protected by a rent freeze, who can’t keep up with rapidly rising rent costs.

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Alexandria: Old Colony Inn Faces Setback

Developer and neighbors go toe-to-toe over hotel expansion.

The Old Colony Inn in North Old Town off of the George Washington Parkway has a major upgrade planned. The two-story Best Western Hotel is planning to double its height and expand to include a restaurant on the corner.

Alexandria Brief: ‘At Large’ Representative Sought for Fort Ward

The Fort Ward Management Plan Implementation Monitoring Group is now accepting nominations for an “at large” representative. On July 11, City Manager Mark Jinks announced that nominations could be submitted to Julie Fuerth at by July 20.

Alexandria and Mount Vernon: Keeping Guns from Criminals

Focusing on private gun sales.

What are you going to do about gun safety and gun violence? These were words I heard over and over again from constituents last year when I first ran for Congress. They couldn’t understand why in the world I would want to be part of a Congress they largely viewed as dysfunctional. And the next words out of their mouth would be an impassioned plea, dysfunction be damned, to reach across party lines and find a compromise — any incremental step — that would begin to make our society safer from horrific shootings.

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Alexandria Mayoral Race Write-In Tightrope

Mayor Euille withholds support for either Silberberg or Write-In Euille.

One month has passed since Allison Silberberg was nominated as the Democratic candidate for nayor of Alexandria over incumbent Mayor William Euille and former Mayor Kerry Donley.