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Hooray for Small Business in Alexandria

Celebrating community role of small businesses.

On 2012’s Small Business Saturday, President Barack Obama visited One More Page Books in Arlington and set a trend for politicians in the Washington area: small Northern Virginia bookstores are the place to be on Nov 29. That tradition continued in Hooray for Books! on this year’s Small Business Saturday when U.S. Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet , U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, and local politicians converged to emphasize their patronage of the King Street bookstore.

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Working toward English Literacy in Alexandria

Campagna Center program helps immigrants.

"Good morning ladies." Marcia D'Arcangelo stands in the large central room greeting teachers and students as they walk by, headed for their English classes. She is director of the New Neighbor ELL program in Alexandria funded by the Campagna Center. "We have nine different levels here. We recently added a new entry level of literacy when we discovered some people didn't know the basics of the English language, like the alphabet," D'Arcangelo said.

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Alexandria Church Holds Prayer Vigil

Hundreds gather at Alfred Street Baptist Church for Michael Brown, Jr.

Alfred Street Baptist Church, an African American Baptist Church founded in 1803, held a special prayer vigil on Nov. 25 for Michael Brown, Jr., the African American 18-year-old male who was fatally-shot in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9, by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

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Living Legends of Alexandria: Fifer: Focusing on Key Community Needs

Co-founder of Alexandria Volunteer Bureau, now Volunteer Alexandria.

When you ask Lissette Bishins, executive director of the Carpenter’s Shelter, about Lee Fifer, she will tell you that he “is a lifelong Alexandrian who is a passionate advocate for those in need. His touch is all over Alexandria. He loves this city and the people in it; he is philanthropic and drives others to follow his lead.”

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Alexandria: Annie B. Rose Crafters

Dozens and dozens of brightly colored knitted caps filled the table beside a Christmas tree in the lobby of the Annie B. Rose House on Tuesday afternoon, Dec. 2.

Alexandria: Correction

In last week’s People at Work column, “Creating a Floral Centrepiece,” The caption for the photo at the top of the article should have read: Scott Marchand adds an accent of circus roses.

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St. Mary’s School in Alexandria Hosts Christmas Bazaar

St. Mary’s School held its annual Christmas Bazaar at the school on Green Street on Saturday, Nov. 22.

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Hope for the Holidays in Alexandria

’Tis the season of giving: of gifts, of parties and of thanks. But what should be a time of hope and happiness too often can be a time of despair for Alexandria’s vulnerable and low income families.


Last week’s story, “I Wanted a Better Life,” on the life of Nelson Greene Sr., should have included credit to Sarah Becker for her Living Legends profile of Mr. Greene which was incorporated in the Nov. 20 Gazette Packet article.

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Six-Billion Reasons To Persevere in Alexandria


“Can you read me the answer you came up with?” “Six-million …” “Wait … look again.” “Oh yeah! Six-billion…” “Did you ever think you would be able to do a math problem that would have an answer in the billions?”

Commentary: Giving Thanks for Anti-Hunger Programs in Alexandria

Working to keep children fed.

When I was a kid, Thanksgiving meant stuffing myself beyond the point of comfort, flitting gleefully between turkey, casseroles, sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, and of course pie. The object was to eat to the point of needing to loosen the belt, and then wait a few hours until there was room to start all over again with leftovers.

Covert Matters: Alexandrians Can Be Thankful

Here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, just to pick an argument with our northern colleagues, the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims, colonists, settlers and Indians was held on Dec. 4, 1621 at Berkeley Plantation in Charles City County, Va.

Alexandria Domestic Violence Shelters Offer Relief Year-round

Local nonprofits Bethany House and ALIVE face challenges during holiday season.

“I thought if I loved him enough, he would change.” Jasmine Witcher, interim executive director for the Bethany House domestic violence shelter, says she hears these words all the time.

The Great Gadsby in Alexandria

A weekend at Alexandria’s Gadsby Tavern

Supposedly, The Hunt Ball at the historic Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria took place the evening of Nov. 22, 2014. But inside, there was nothing to indicate it was not Nov. 22, 1800.

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People At Work: Crafting a Floral Centerpiece in Alexandria

The art of flower arrangement

Scott Marchand puts hanging amaryllis in the green foam oasis rings. “See how it is giving it a kind of cascading look. I put my greens in first, “ he says. “This is going to be an open, airy floral arrangement in fall tones as a centerpiece for a table.