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Opinion: Column: Definitely on My List

As the month of May was swept away with the last of the network-season's original programming, those of us still in lockdown and quarantining had our own reality to embrace: there was nothing new on network television.

Opinion: Column: Time to Kill

(Again, not a cancer column. Given the title, it would be a pretty gruesome reference to my life in the cancer world if it were.)

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pay Alexandria City Employees Fairly

The Alexandria City Government has a pay philosophy for its employees that salaries will “be competitive at a minimum with the average pay” of its comparators.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Plant Clinic Needed in Climate Crisis in Alexandria

When I completed my Master Gardener training in 1981, several of my classmates and I wanted to set up a plant clinic at the Alexandria Farmers' Market.

Opinion: Column: I'm the Big Winner

(Not a cancer column.)

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Consider Guaranteed Basic Income with Rescue Funding

As clergy, we understand how COVID-19 tested our communities’ resolve in more ways than one.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Boost City’s Investment in Childcare Workforce

On July 6, the Alexandria City Council will vote to decide how nearly $56.4 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) will be used.

Opinion: Column: And the “Scancer” Is...

And the "Scancer" Is... ...stable, with a side of shrinkage, however modest.

Opinion: Column: Wait. What?

After each individual appointment with my oncologist, either virtual or in person, all my prescription needs and my next round of appointments are scheduled while I wait.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Local Voter Turnout: Is That What Faltered in Alexandria?

During the Pandemic, and long before, we have come to value reliable, informative and straightforward coverage provided by the Alexandria Gazette Packet reporting staff.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Alexandria City Council Primary Despair

You threw your hands up in despair when it came to presenting the Alexandria city council primary results.

Opinion: Column: Navigate This

(All these times are approximate – or they're not.

Opinion: Column: The Masks are Off...

...and I suppose life is back on, especially for those of us who have been vaccinated.