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Alexandria Opinion


Letter to the Editor: A Money-Losing Program in Alexandria

The Gazette Packet article about Alexandria’s money-losing bike share program is emblematic of our anti-entrepreneurial, tax-and-spend City Council.

Letter to the Editor: Alexandria Ignoring Own Advisory Groups?

A great number of Alexandria’s citizens have already voiced their concerns as to the City Council’s decision to move the Appomattox statue from its current position at the intersection at Washington and Prince to a little grass patch fronting the Lyceum.

Commentary: Tackling Sewage Issue Together

I write as a lifelong environmentalist and as the Mayor of Alexandria. All of us have a deep and abiding obligation to our land, water, and air. It is not a burden, but rather an honor.

Letter to the Editor: Don’t Compare Bikeshare to Mass Transit

In last week’s edition of this newspaper there was an article featuring Capital Bikeshare and it’s expansion issues. As part of this examination a lengthy comparison was made to public transportation and its financial dynamics, especially the role of public subsidies.

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Letter to the Editor: Fulfill CIP Proposal

Our Alexandria City Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Alvin Crawley, should be commended and supported for his FY 2018-2027 Proposed Capital Improvement Program Budget (CIP) which proposes solutions to the continuing capacity crisis at all grades in our public schools.

Alexandria Editorial: Holidays Are for Giving

Give thanks and share locally; tens of thousands of families around us are in need.

The holidays are about giving, and giving thanks.

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Editorial Cartoon

Editorial Cartoon

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Opinion: Editorial Cartoon

Cartoon by Steven G. Artley

Letter to the Editor: Enforcement Visibly Needed

The Alexandria city manager’s response to my letter of Oct. 27 regarding “traffic lawlessness” in Alexandria is with all due respect, beyond the pale.

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Commentary: Day To Honor Veterans

This Friday we take time to honor our veterans and their families.

Fairfax County: Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Taxes

The voters have spoken and the Meals Tax Referendum was defeated 54 percent to 46 percent.

Mount Vernon: Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Bock Farm

Those who have driven on Parker Lane toward Sherwood Hall Lane recently probably noticed the yellow hand-painted signs on various front lawns, urging Supervisor Dan Storck to vote against the rezoning of the Bock farm, which sits on the corner of Parker Lane and Hinson Farm Road.

Alexandria: Letter to the Editor: City Should Talk to Businesses

I agree with Jody Manor’s thoughtful and accurate Letter to the Editor in last week’s paper regarding the sudden impetus to regulate the use of A-frame signs on Old Town streets.

Alexandria: Letter to the Editor: What Does It Mean To Honor Veterans?

Show respect for all veterans on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.

Mount Vernon, Alexandria: Coming: Children’s Gazette 2016

Get creative and send art, poetry and more.

During the last week of each year, The Gazette devotes its entire issue to the creativity of local students and children.