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Alexandria Opinion


Alexandria Letter: Enforce All Traffic Rules

Letter to the Editor

Believe it or not (and contrary to popular opinion) the Virginia Department of Transportation says that motorists and bicyclists are governed by the same laws regarding traffic regulations. In fact, no distinction is made for automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycles or bicycles, which are all treated equally.

Alexandria Letter: Scapegoating Confederate Heritage

Letter to the Editor

At the Sept. 17 public hearing on the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Confederate Memorials and Street Names, I asked City Council to pass a resolution expressing Alexandrians’ shock and dismay at the murder of nine people in Charleston, S.C., in June 2015, conveying our sympathy for their loss, and sending our condolences.

Alexandria Letter: Disruption For Two Years

Letter to the Editor

With upcoming plans to reconfigure the bus and parking area of the King Street Metrorail lot, this end of Olde Towne will be very difficult to enter into our city.

Alexandria Letter: History’s Lessons

Letter to the Editor

Your council voted unanimously to approve changing the name of Jefferson Davis Highway. Do you, your council or anyone who testified know anything about Jefferson Davis?

Alexandria Letter: Who’s Watching School Board?

Letter to the Editor

The ACPS School Board, except for the newly elected members, are incapable of managing its budget of almost $300 million.

Alexandria Letter: Of Times Past

Letter to the Editor

In August 2016 a friend of mine Joy Peeler of Longwood, Fla. was visiting my husband and I in Hendersonville, N.C. Joy elected to accompany me to Rochelle, Va. to attend my Aunt Elizabeth Fisher’s 95th birthday on her farm.

Column: Homemade Stew

Commentary – Rebuilding Together Alexandria

When you walk in the front door there is the familiar smell of a special stew, made with honey, warming on the stove. Sixty-eight-year-old Stan has lived in his home near the Braddock Metro neighborhood his entire life; he was actually born in it.

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Column: Alexandria’s Poetry Fence

Poetry Conversations

Some fences enclose, some simply stand without evident function. Some fences provide protection, privacy, or announce a boundary. Renee Adams shows us that indeed good fences make good neighbors.

Fairfax Raises $521,509 for MDA

Letter to the Editor

For over 30 years, during Labor Day Weekend, the men and women of the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, in conjunction with the Fairfax County Professional FireFighters and Paramedics - IAFF Local 2068 and the personnel in the Department of Public Safety Communications, have collected for the Greater Washington Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) during the Fill the Boot Campaign.

Alexandria Letter: Laws Against Public Karaoke

Letter to the Editor

As a resident of Old Town for over 20 years, and a musician, I love live music. And Krista Clouse has a beautiful voice. So why does she, or anyone, need recorded music blaring on the street?

Alexandria Letter: Wilson Pledge Appreciated

Letter to the Editor

Kudos and thanks to Councilman Wilson for his Sept. 2016 Council Connection newsletter pledge (Confederate History): “… a modern Alexandria should focus not just on what should be removed or renamed, but how to portray a more accurate and fair telling of our history.”

Alexandria Letter: Uninsured Get Pushed Out

Letter to the Editor

Councilmember Tim Lovain’s “We Must Help Alexandria’s Uninsured with Healthcare Costs” brings to mind Lord Woodhouselee’s dictum, “Democracy will last ‘til the people realize they can vote themselves benefits from the public treasury.”

Alexandria Letter: Issues Not Attacks

Letter to the Editor

My wife and I were slow in deciding our votes in the upcoming presidential election.

Alexandria Column: The Need To Plan

Commentary – Senior Services of Alexandria

“I’ll get around to it.” Nearly everyone says it, and with good intentions at that. Planning for the future can be tedious or even unpleasant to some but it is a key, first step towards taking control of your destiny. What legal and financial considerations should I address? What documents do I need? Why is this important, and what happens if I do nothing?

Alexandria Column: A Fashionable Fall

What’s on trend this season.

The change in seasons is quickly approaching. School doors are opening and all the swimming pools will soon be drained.