Alexandria Opinion


Bragging Scofflaw?

When is it permissible for a member of one of our boards or commissions to openly admit to breaking the law, while still being able to maintain a seat on that appointed body?

Lights … and Learning

It was interesting to watch the School Board meeting as they received the Lights Feasibility Report.

An Answer Down the Road?

The article about the plight of housing people of modest means, and especially those with blemished records, made me appreciate that in Alexandria there are some exceptionally compassionate people.

Editorial: Change for the Better in Fairfax County Schools

Later start times, full-day Mondays; who knows, next maybe gifted-and-talented programs for poor students?

Who says big bureaucracies can’t make big changes? One year into the tenure of Karen Garza, we have two huge changes that between them impact almost every single student, every family with children in Fairfax County Public Schools.

Need Right Place for Lights

We hear over and over how students want a lighted field for sports. Coaches and staff from the Rec Department express a need for sports fields for the entire city.

Examining Senator’s Record

Who is Senator Warner? The senator is not necessarily reflected in his words.

Speak Up for Public Safety

While the mayor, City Council and city manager are making plans to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a waterfront plan and metro, the city’s public safety departments are suffering.

What’s Best For Students?

Political capital is usually earned in advance and then spent to pursue an elected official’s policy agenda.

Alexandria to New Orleans: The Human Tragedy of the Interstate Slave Trade, Part IV

Part IV: What is also clear from the slave names on the manifests of the slave trade ships is that the enslaved African-Americans of Virginia and Maryland did have a rich and extended family structure.

Energizing the Community

Brrrrrr! Cooler temperatures are a signal to many Alexandria residents that it is time to prepare their homes for the winter.

Letter to the Editor: Abject Neglect

To the Editor: I've lived in the Route 1 corridor for 33 years. It is in desperate need of revitalization and has been neglected by the Board of Supervisors for decades while they favored development in the western areas of Fairfax County.

Letter to the Editor: Meddling with Free Market

To the Editor: Justin Wilson’s latest cockamamie proclamation, which he made during a recent City Council meeting, is a demand that city government tell property owners the rents they may assess their tenants. And if the city doesn’t have the authority now to do so, then at least shame those landlords whom he believes are charging excessive rents.

Letter to the Editor: This Council’s Legacy

To the Editor: Each Alexandria City Council leaves its indelible mark on our community — which ultimately becomes its legacy. This particular council will leave Alexandria with more than a half-billion dollars of debt, with a $64 million a year in debt service. This should in itself be enough to replace most of the Alexandria City Council members, along with the city manager.

Editorial: Coming - Children’s Connection

During the last week of each year, The Connection devotes its entire issue to the creativity of local students and children. The results are always remarkable. It is a keepsake edition for many families.

Letters to the Editor

Weighing ‘Greater Good’s’ Impact

To the Editor: TC lights: This is just another example of the city's total disregard for its residents. How many of the School Board members live in the impacted residential area? How many of our council members?