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Alexandria Column: Youth Education — Keeping Kids Motivated

Commentary-Community Lodgings

Summer is often anything but a vacation for low-income students, according to the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA).

Alexandria Letter: Change Name of Jefferson Davis Highway

Letter to the Editor

Over the last several months of testimony given before the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Confederate Memorials and Street names, many chose “history” as their primary community value for the preservation of the memorials and street signs just as they are.

Alexandria Letter: Residents Deserve Better

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria is not on the worldwide map of historical significant places by happenstance.

Alexandria Letter: Compile Better Data

Letter to the Editor

When we were surprised by the Bike Share station on S. Royal Street and asked the city why proper outreach and permitting was not followed, it came to my attention what a poor job that some city staff does disseminating data and information to City Council, committees and commissions.

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Alexandria Column: America Let’s Do Lunch

Senior Services of Alexandria

More than 10 million (1 in 6) seniors in the U.S. face the threat of hunger and more than 15 million (1 in 4) are living in isolation.

Alexandria Letter: City Government Extravagance

Letter to the Editor

The Alexandria Bike Share program is a case of a good idea badly executed. No doubt it began when someone decided the public should be enticed to use bikes in lieu of using cars. So far, so good. But when it came time to convert concept into reality, instead of turning to the private sector, it went Venezuela. It became a government-owned venture.

Alexandria Letter: Statue: Not a Traffic Hazard

Letter to the Editor

Members of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group on Confederate Memorials and Street Names failed to ask important questions and gather necessary facts about several essential matters before voting on their recommendations to City Council.

Alexandria Letter: Selling Out The Parkway

Letter to the Editor

The intent and purpose of the George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) was made clear in 1887 by Edward Fox, who, building on the idea that “every patriotic American who visits Washington makes a pious pilgrimage to the home and tomb of the Father of his Country,” suggested that “immediate steps should be taken to make a splendid drive from the Virginia terminus of the Aqueduct Bridge to Mount Vernon.”

Alexandria Letter: Here’s How Citizens Feel

Letter to the Editor

Our City Council hardly hesitates to backhandedly dismiss citizens’ thoughtful concerns about whatever deal-du-jour City Council fancies — Ramsey Homes, Woodbine, Colonial Inn, North Old Town Giant site, hardly used bicycle lanes on King Street Hill, La Bergerie, etc.

Alexandria Letter: Effects of Higher Property Taxes

Letter to the Editor

We have just paid 2016 property taxes on different apartment buildings and the tax increase alone over last year's taxes equates to about an extra $15 per month per apartment unit.

Alexandria Letter: Not Enforcing Zoning Code

Letter to the Editor

Every City Council in the history of zoning laws in this city has sought to preserve and protect the residential character of neighborhoods by implementing and enforcing a zoning code … but not the current City Council.

Alexandria Column: What Would Dr. King Say?


Our nation is tragically and inextricably gripped by violence, last month in Orlando, then Minnesota and Baton Rouge, and now Dallas. All of these incidents are unthinkable and heartbreaking in their own way. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who have suffered in all of these locations.

Editorial: Be Part of Our Annual Community Guide

Share tips in upcoming Newcomers and Community Guides.

The Connection’s annual Newcomers and Community Guides will publish Aug. 24 with a deadline of Aug. 17.

Alexandria Column: Calling All Seniors 60-Plus

Commentary–Senior Services of Alexandria

The Senior Academy is back for its second annual session starting on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at City Hall from 10 a.m. to noon and will continue every Wednesday through Sept. 28.

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Animal Welfare League of Alexandria: Born 70 Years Ago

Founded out of concern for local animals.

Seventy years ago this June the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria was born, and it was one of the first humane organizations in metropolitan Washington.