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Alexandria Letter: Clear Those Handicap Spaces

Letter to the Editor

As a long time disabled resident of Alexandria, I have seen that when we have a significant snowfall, the snow in parking lots is often pushed into the handicap parking spaces.

Alexandria Letter: Improve Communication

Letter to the Editor

Congratulations to Mayor Silberberg for proposing to establish an ethical standard to which our elected officials must adhere, and for choosing now — when there are no ethical conflicts or controversies — to design and implement this standard. Who in their right mind would oppose it?

Alexandria Letter: Supporting Hillary

Letter to the Editor

Hillary Clinton is my candidate for President.

Alexandria Letter: Stay Informed in Emergencies

Letter to the Editor

Last week, we went through an event that could overwhelm even the best-prepared municipalities. Some streets remained un-cleared a week later in every corner of the D.C. metro area, including here in Alexandria.

Alexandria Letter: Snow Removal Inadequate

Letter to the Editor

On Tuesday, the ever-shrinking lanes on the city's major roadways and left turn lanes on the city's major roadways had not yet been cleared. Residential streets were still being plowed/cleared on Wednesday morning.

Alexandria Letter: Unintended Consequences

Letter to the Editor

The law of unintended consequences is the controlling principle of human history, reminding us to be careful what we ask for lest getting it thereby sets the stage for something we consider even worse than what we tried to prevent in the first place.

Alexandria Letter: A Little Poem of Praise

Letter to the Editor

As I think of the snow and its pure beauty and its grace that is given; I'm thankful for each day given and all the little blessings that unfold.

Alexandria Letter: Snow Parking Suggestion

Letter to the Editor

I noticed that the center of most streets in Old Town were plowed with same size vehicles you see on highways, leaving 4-5 feet of hard-packed snow from the curb.

Alexandria Column: Homeless in Alexandria–How Many and What To Do

Commentary–Carpenter’s Shelter

Imagine something goes wrong with your home during a blizzard like Jonas. Even worse, imagine you don’t have a home at all to protect your family from the blustering snow. This was a reality for the 61 adults and 21 children who sought refuge at Carpenter’s Shelter as 24 inches of snow blanketed Alexandria a couple of weeks ago.

Alexandria Column: We Pulled Together and We Pulled Through


Two quick updates. First, we had a little snowstorm recently. Okay, not so little since we got 22 inches of snow in about 36 hours, but who’s counting? It was in fact the worst storm since the Knickerbocker Storm of 1922, and we made it through without a fatality.

Alexandria/Mount Vernon Column: Nondiscrimination Bills Pass State Senate

Council members spar over last minute additions.

As the snow thawed and the General Assembly went about its business last week, a number of developments occurred involving LGBT rights.

Another Opportunity to Talk About It

Super Bowl Sunday is Sunday, Feb. 7, and often more about the parties than the game.

Editorial: Economic Development in Virginia

The General Assembly prides itself in providing a pro-business climate, but refuses infusion of more than $3 billion annually.

Hundreds of bills before this year’s General Assembly session focus on “business climate,” providing incentives for businesses to locate and expand here, extending tax exemptions and tax credits, encouraging international trade, reducing regulation and many other approaches perceived as pro-business.

Alexandria Letter: Praising Treatment of Staff

As an Old Town resident, it is always enjoyable to walk around during and after a snowstorm. My wife and I had dinner on King Street and a few warm drinks at places that stayed open.

Alexandria Letter: Vote in Primary

Letter to the Editor

There is an important election coming soon, on Tuesday, March 1, the primary election for President of the United States.