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Column: Up and Down and All Around


No. That’s not my stomach talking.

Column: Major Paving Operations Set to Start this Summer in 44th District


As the weather warms and we approach the summer, it also means that we are approaching the road mowing and paving season in Northern Virginia, and good news is coming for the 44th District.

Letter: Enough for Status Quo

Letter to the Editor

After receiving the second phone call from the Euille campaign wanting to know if I have any concerns that the mayor needs to know about, I have to wonder what took him so long to ask.

Letter: Acclaimed New Field

Letter to the Editor

On my way home from church early Sunday afternoon, I noticed a soccer game in progress on the newly constructed Jefferson-Houston playing field, so I went across the street to watch Cal-Berkeley play Yale.

Letter: Complicating Factors

Letter to the Editor

The City of Alexandria is leveraging its full faith and credit to issue about $200 million in debt to pay for construction of the Potomac Metro station.

Letter: Need Money To Fix Streets

Letter to the Editor

Alexandria’s streets have suffered through two harsh winters that have caused a rash of potholes throughout our city. Even with a hasty campaign of spring patching, things remain rocky.

Letter: Change Strategy

Letter to the Editor

I am surprised to learn that Kerry Donley, who has been involved in our city for many years both as a banker and as an elected official, still does not understand that elected officials cannot control the pace of development.

Letter: Leadership? Management?

Letter to the Editor

For years Kerry Donelly has vainly attempted to balance out the city budget by touting commercial growth.

Letter: Frustrated Taxpayer

Letter to the Editor

I am frustrated. I have not felt represented by the majority of the actions taken by city hall over the past 25 years. Is anyone else with me?

Letter: In Memory, In Tribute

Letter to the Editor

What does Memorial Day really mean to those who wait for their loved ones to return from serving their country in war?

Tease photo

Column: The Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington


Excerpted from “A Son and his Adoptive Father: The Marquis de Lafayette and George Washington” 2006 exhibition at Mount Vernon.

Editorial: Remembering on Memorial Day 2015

On Memorial Day, take at least one minute to reflect on those who have died.

On Memorial Day, we remember all of those who have died in military service, more than 400,000 in World War II, more than 30,000 in Korea, more than 50,000 in Vietnam. As many as 620,000 soldiers died in the line of duty in the Civil War, stunningly about 2 percent of the population at that time. To compare, while more than 2.5 million soldiers have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, that number is still less than one percent of the U.S. population.

Editorial: Call for Father’s Day Photos

This week and next, we print Mother’s Day photos, and we call for photos for Father’s Day. Father's Day is Sunday, June 21, 2015 and once again the Connection will publish a gallery of Father's Day photos.

Letter: Appreciate Police Officers

Letter to the Editor

This week is National Police Week and we say thank you to those community police and liaison officers who have served our neighborhood so well. Some have retired, all have demonstrated extraordinary dedication.

Column: Why Fi?


“That’s the dream; to have Wi-Fi in the car.” So says one of the focus group participants (“real people, not actors”) in a recent television commercial from Chevrolet. The answer is to a question asked of five adults to identify which car brand: Mercedes, BMW, Chevrolet, Ford, or Toyota, includes “Built-in Wi-Fi” in their product line.