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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Help Low Income Neighbors

Our low-income neighbors need our support.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Another Flooding Incident

As you know, Alexandria had another flooding incident on Sept 10.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Paid Sick Days: Necessary Benefit

Your article on Sept. 10 highlighted the ongoing fight for a paid sick day standard for workers in Virginia.

Opinion: Commentary: Considering the Role of Law Enforcement

Asking for Council decisions based on facts specific to residents and employees of this city; don’t create a superfluous program in attempt to make an example of our department.

Over the last few months, the role of law enforcement within the community has become a frequent topic of discussion.

Opinion: Column: And So It Begins

Eleven years, six months and two weeks, approximately, after being diagnosed with "terminal" cancer: stage IV non small cell lung cancer, I have begun my treatment for stage IV papillary thyroid cancer.

Opinion: Commentary: Facilitating Voting, Adjusting the Budget and Tackling Criminal Justice

Over the last month, the Virginia General Assembly has been in what’s called a “special session” to address voting in the forthcoming election, the budget and criminal justice.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: What Problem is Ban Solving?

To the members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors who recently voted to move forward on a public hearing for a total ban on firearms in public places within Fairfax County, I ask a simple question: what problem is this solving?

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Opinion: Letter to the Editor: The Death of a Tree

On Monday, Sept. 2, an “ Eco City” and one designated as “Tree City”, along with Alexandria Public Schools, had a beautiful old oak tree cut down in order to make room for a concession stand at the new TC Williams stadium.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Char McCargo Bah: Engaging and Captivating

I would like to commend Char McCargo Bah for the beautiful article she wrote on my grandfather, Wilmer B. Henry.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: ‘Let it Be’: In Support of T.C. Williams

I am writing to comment on this misguided effort to change the name of T.C. Williams High School.

Opinion: Commentary: Special Session Looks at Nursing Homes, Reporting Outbreaks, Election Reform

As the third week of the General Assembly’s Special Session draws to a close, several major legislative accomplishments are moving forward.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Amendment 1

As a volunteer over the last four years advocating to end gerrymandering and reform the way our legislative districts are drawn, I wanted to let you know that we have a chance to approve a state constitutional amendment to create the Commonwealth’s first ever redistricting commission.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For Some Workers, Nothing Leisurely About This Labor Day

Workers lucky enough to have a job face the double bind of fearing the risk of COVID-19 and being laid off.

There will be nothing leisurely about this Labor Day for many working families, not least for essential workers.

Opinion: Column: Cancer For Dummies: Me

As I was telling my long-time friend, Rita, over the phone on Saturday afternoon, as a cancer patient – and I know this is going to sound ridiculous, short-sighted and stupid, I am not always forthcoming and honest when it comes to sharing new symptoms with my doctors, particularly my oncologist.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Old Town Alexandria Businesses in Support of the Live Event Industry

Common Plate Hospitality along with other businesses in Old Town Alexandria are coming together to support the Live Event Industry by participating in the Red Alert #WEMAKEEVENTS movement which supports the Bill S3814, the Restart Act proposed to Congress.