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Alexandria Column: Neglected Dog Left to Die

Animal Welfare League offering reward for information.

On Sunday, Aug. 14, the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) was contacted by a couple who had discovered a dog abandoned in a crate under a bush on Patrick Street in Old Town Alexandria. The crate was dirty, containing feces and urine.

Alexandria Letter: Missed Opportunity

Letter to the Editor

Your tepid response to letter writer Mark C. Williams' call (Aug. 18-24, 2016) to suppress opinion — "The Gazette Packet frequently publishes letters with which it disagrees" — missed an opportunity to address a larger issue, namely, the function of letters to the editor in a democratic society as a forum for the free expression of ideas and opinions.

Alexandria Letter: Ticket Cyclists?

Letter to the Editor

I am surprised that one person's proposed solution to the bicyclist "problem" in Old Town is to ticket cyclists for running stop signs.

Alexandria Letter: Flooding Unresolved

Letter to the Editor

Just recently, a great deal of interest has been shown in investigating the after effects of the flooding of Ellicott City, Md.

Alexandria Column: Officer Jim Bazzle – At Parade Rest


I attended Maury Elementary School in the late 1960s. The neighborhood, the school, the people, were like a page right out of Mayberry.

Column: Rio Shows Why Investing in Clean Water Is Necessary

Commentary–Alexandria Renew Enterprises

Recently, U.S. Olympic marathon swimmer Haley Anderson discussed with NPR her 6.2-mile open-water swim off Copacabana Beach at the Rio games. One point of discussion: swimming for more than two hours in heavily polluted water during which Anderson expected to swallow several mouthfuls of water.

Alexandria Letter: Disservice to the City

Letter to the Editor

Last week (Aug. 11 edition), you ran a letter concerning Jefferson Davis.

Alexandria Letter: Questionable Data

Letter to the Editor

A recent letter pointed to questionable data the city is using to support decisions. An example cited was the inflated number of Bikeshare members.

Alexandria Letter: On Naming City Streets

Letter to the Editor

The name of the Jefferson Davis Highway should be changed. It needs to be pointed out that slavery was not "widely viewed as a normal institution" (Gazette, Aug. 11) in America.

Alexandria Letter: Ticket Cyclists

Letter to the Editor

When I attempt to cross Union Street from my home, I do so slowly, since I cannot see approaching traffic due to buildings that block my view.

Alexandria Letter: Preserve Neighborhood

Letter to the Editor

In response to a letter submitted in the Aug. 4 Gazette, I would like to make comments regarding the proposed new hotel at the corner of Harvard and King streets.

Tease photo

Alexandria Column: Thanks to Summer Volunteers

Commentary–Senior Services of Alexandria

Despite the heat, Senior Services of Alexandria’s volunteers are out serving the community by delivering Meals on Wheels and Groceries to Go; seeing seniors every week for friendly visits; and delivering free pet food for animals of seniors in need through our “Animeals” program.

From Old Town Boutique District: Not Gone on Vacation Yet?

Tips on how to pack for a last minute stress free getaway.

Look at the calendar, folks. We’re halfway through August and sadly, summer is winding down.

Editorial – Election 2016: Much at Stake Nationally, Locally

Possible record turnout should motivate more early voting.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8, and in some ways that seems like it can’t possibly come soon enough.