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Editorial: Finally, Marriage Rights Protected in Virginia

On July 28, 2014, in affirming that Virginia’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional, Circuit Judge Henry F. Floyd writes: “We recognize that same-sex marriage makes some people deeply uncomfortable. However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process and equal protection of the laws.

Commentary: Reaching Seniors in New Ways

I am honored to begin my term as board chair for Senior Services of Alexandria.

Commentary: Come to School with Us

The beginning of a new school year is a little over a month away and I am looking forward to my first school opening as the superintendent of Alexandria City Public Schools.

Covert Matters: Rockets Red Glare

For the past week, I’ve been inundated with instant rocket reports slamming into Israel. The iPhone rings every few seconds that another town has been hit.

Letter: Example of City Hall Disdain

To The Editor: The May 21 article about your reporter asking to copy the table of contents of the city regulations and the city manager’s staff response was truly appalling. It was rude, condescending and arrogant, a thesaurus worth of negative words.

Letter: Find Home for Seaport Foundation

Letter to the Editor

Letter: Waste of City Resources

Along with all Alexandria residents, I recently received in the mail a brochure from the Alexandria Department of Transportation and Environmental Services, Resource Recovery Division. The purpose of the brochure was to provide information about the city's trash collection and recycling.

Editorial: Tragic Consequences

Money lost by refusal to expand health coverage, but also life, health and livelihood.

The Virginia General Assembly’s refusal to expand Medicaid, extending health coverage to as many as 400,000 Virginians has resulted in the loss of about $1 billion in direct payments. But that understates the loss, failing to calculate the cost of the lost health of thousands of Virginians.

Letter: Wrong Starting Point

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Letter: Focus on Academics, Not Lights

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Letter: ODBC’s Summer Decision

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Editorial: Save a Little, Help Others Prepare for School

Virginia’s tax holiday on school supplies is a good reminder to donate supplies and dollars for children who need help arriving at school prepared.

Virginia’s tax holiday on school supplies and clothing is Aug. 1-3, and it makes sense to take advantage of the savings, and to spread the wealth around.

Letter: Enable Public to Listen, Watch

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Letter: $44 Million Monstrosity

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