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Opinion: Column: I'm Here to Report

As my brother, Richard, has often said: "If the oncologist is happy, then I'm happy."

Opinion: Commentary: Honoring Our Veterans

Henry Dorton, Commander, American Legion Post 24

Seven decades ago, in 1950, brave Americans defended a far-off land that was under attack.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: About the Boat Club, Alexandrians Need to Know

Alexandria taxpayers have a lot invested in the Old Dominion Boat Club’s plans for building a dock for boat slips in front of their new clubhouse.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Trumpism Shows Way Forward for Republicans?

Contrary to former Republican Del. David Ramadan's insistence that Republicans have to "denounce Trumpism" and go back to the "basic conservative principles" which cost them several elections, especially with Mitt Romney as their 2012 candidate, Trump's stronger than expected showing shows them the way forward is by reaching out to the very constituencies conservatives in the past ignored.

Opinion: Column: As Second Opinions Go...

...it was first rate.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Just a Few Thoughts

So as I walk and drive around town, I find several things curious.

Opinion: Commentary: Legislators Revised the Budget to Address Many Needs

Land conservation funds could potentially be used to help purchase and preserve River Farm.

Part 3 of a series.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Why Is Dino Drudi Always the One?

Why am I always the one ending up critiquing Michael Pope's articles.

Tease photo

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Kindness During a Very Difficult Year

The lines to vote early at the Springfield-Franconia Government Center were a 3-4 hour wait every day for two weeks.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Generation Capable of Change

What kind of world do you want to live in, a world where you have no problems or issues to fix in your community?

Opinion: Column: Better Late Than Never...

...to get a second opinion about one's first cancer; especially if there's now a second cancer to consider.

Opinion: Commentary: Building Trust in our Police Officers

This column, number two of three columns, focuses on reforms to Virginia’s policing practices, legislation I helped craft with Senator Mamie Locke.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Don’t Waste Your Vote

Maybe Joe Biden was not your preferred Democratic candidate and you would rather have supported Warren, Klobuchar, Sanders or Buttigieg.

Opinion: Commentary: Don’t Be Fooled by Ballot Language in Virginia

Vote NO on the Gerrymandering Amendment

The ballot language in Amendment 1 is confusing.

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Don’t Bulldoze Taylor Run

To reduce sediment and nutrient loads in the Chesapeake Bay, the City of Alexandria is proposing an ambitious $4.5 million plan to re-engineer 2,000 feet of Taylor Run, which courses through the woods in Chinquapin Park.