Mayor of Alexandria Elections

Mayor of Alexandria Elections


Alexandria Welcomes Zombie Apocalypse Survivors

The mayor welcomed Rick Grimes and others from the AMC show “The Walking Dead” to the city. Grimes entered the city on March 1 and has expressed an interest in joining local law enforcement. In the show, based on a comic series by Robert Kirkman, Alexandria is a safe-zone relatively protected from apocalyptic horrors.

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Potential Rivals Circling Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille in Advance of Democratic Primary

Kerry Donely and Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg consider primary challenges.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille's poor performance in the congressional primary to replace retiring U.S. Rep. Jim Moran (D-8) is calling into question his ability to lead the city, opening the door to talk about former Mayor Kerry Donley challenging Euille in next year's Democratic primary. That possibility has encouraged talk about Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg possibly entering the race as a candidate who would oppose the kind of large-scale development that Euille and Donley both support.

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Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille May Join McAuliffe Administration, Prompting Special Election

Mayor headed to Richmond this week to interview for two positions.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille may be joining the new administration of Democratic Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe in the next few weeks, leaving the city of Alexandria and opening the door to a special election for mayor early next year.

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Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille Elected to Fourth Term

Democratic incumbent wins handily against independent challenger.

Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille hasn’t been in a competitive election since 2003, when he was first elected mayor against Republican Bill Cleveland and independent Townsend Van Fleet.

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Democrats Sweep Alexandria City Election

Moving local elections from May to November helped solidify one-party rule.

Three years ago, “Plunkee the Elephant” helped an independent and a Republican unseat two incumbent Democrats on the Alexandria City Council.

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Alexandria City Council Election Returns: Precinct By Precinct

How the candidates ranked in all of the city's voting precincts.

A listing of which candidates won which precincts.

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Alexandria Voters to Determine Direction of City Government

Growth, development, taxes and spending are the hot-button issues dividing candidates.

Are voters pleased with the recent direction of city government, which has dramatically increased the amount of density available to developers in recent years?

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Choice for Alexandria Voters: Insiders Versus Outsiders at City Hall

Growth, development, taxes and spending form dividing line between city candidates.

When they head into the voting booths on Election Day, Alexandria voters will be confronted with a choice: Do they like the recent direction of government at City Hall, where controversial planning decisions have divided the city and the average residential tax bill has nearly doubled in the last decade? Or are they looking for people who will work against the status quo?

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Is Money Buying Influence in the Race for Alexandria City Council?

Candidates accept contributions from people with business at City Hall.

Campaign finance documents show candidates for mayor and City Council have taken hundreds of dollars from people with business at City Hall.

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Clash for Mayor: Bill Euille Squares Off with Andrew Macdonald

Candidates for mayor meet in the first of three debates.

In their first of three scheduled debates Tuesday night at George Washington Middle School, three-term incumbent Democrat Bill Euille and independent challenger Andrew Macdonald clashed over the waterfront plan, the Base Closure and Realignment Commission and the scale of development in Alexandria.

Letter: Campaign Donations

The November ballot is long and complicated and includes the local races at the end, after the national and state contests. Please make sure to vote and remember to complete your ballot by voting for the local candidates of your choice.

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Incumbents and Former Incumbents Take Heat for BRAC Site Selection

Ghosts of 2008 haunt the BRAC five.

The ghosts of 2008 are haunting the campaign for mayor and City Council, as candidates clash over events leading up to the relocation of more than 6,000 daily commuters to the city’s West End.

Letter: Missing Information

In order to be a fully informed voter, we need to have accurate information, from a variety of reliable, factual sources. But we aren’t getting that in two different contests.

On the Campaign Trail

With six weeks to go before Election Day, it’s starting to look like Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille will not be debating former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald — at least not in a debate that doesn’t include all 12 of the City Council candidates.

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Hidden History of St. Asaph Racetrack

Del Ray was once home to an infamous gambling operation creating by a double-dealing senator.

You’d never know it today, but Del Ray was once the capital of gambling in Northern Virginia.