Council Member Elections

Council Member Elections


City Council-Alexandria: Fernando Torrez

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City Council-Alexandria: Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet

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Candidate for city council Q&A

City Council-Alexandria: Justin Wilson

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Candidate for city council

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First Round in the Fight for Alexandria's City Council

The long table at the front of the Departmental Progressive Club in Old Town was packed with candidates...

Letter: Leader or Sore Loser?

Letter to the Editor

He needs to decide whether his legacy will be that of leadership or that of a sore loser.

Letter: City's Enviable Balance Sheet

Letter to the Editor

One Republican City Council candidate recently referred to “debt that continues to escalate at a problematic rate.” Another Republican City Council candidate last week asserted, falsely, that the council had revised its debt policy guidelines downward. An independent City Council candidate recently spoke of the city's “burdensome” debt. Unfortunately, the recently concluded mayoral primary was dominated by false assertions about Alexandria’s debt.

Letter: Where To Spend

Letter to the Editor

A self- congratulatory announcement from the city arrived via e-news about the low interest rates our triple A bond rating has earned us. According to the mayor, it’s all due to good management.

Letter: City Can Do Better

Letter to the Editor

Over the past few days in our local news, I have read various opinions over an important topic facing our city: Can our city do better? I want to unequivocally state that I know we can do better. That is why I am running for Alexandria City Council. I have enjoyed this recent discussion because quite frankly, vigorous debate is missing from the halls of City Council. When one party controls all the seats on the council, it is far too easy to fall into “group think." Democracy functions best when ideas are thoroughly debated and vetted. When all viewpoints are heard, compromise can lead to great solutions. I call for more rigorous debate when we contemplate the future of our city.

Letter: Overlooked Candidate

Letter to the Editor

While I do not live in Alexandria I was in the west end of the city recently giving a contribution to City Council candidate Monique Miles from my organization, the Virginia Federation of Republican Women. I am sure Herve Aitken [“Is City ‘Well-Run,” letter, July 30-Aug. 5, Gazette Packet] did not mean to slight or forget her as he listed all the other Republicans in the race. Ms Miles is a wonderful representative on my organization

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Alexandria: Land, Air, Sea

EYA reveals historic influences for Robinson Terminal South development.

Despite a long struggle with local residents, plans for Robinson Terminal South’s redevelopment into an apartment and retail space are moving forward.

Alexandria: City Council Brief for 6/26

Pepper Celebrates 30 Years on Council

At the close of the 2014-2015 City Council session, members of the council watched a presentation and recalled where each was 30 years ago. For most, they were memories of playing sports as a young adult or living with their families, Councilman John Chapman was still celebrating a single-digit birthday. But for Council member Del Pepper, 1985 was memorable for an entirely different reason: it was the year she joined City Council.

Column: When To Be Representative or Trustee?

Lessons #3 for serving and governing.

City Council members: What are you, representatives of the people or trustees for the people? Answer: You are both, but not at the same time; and only you can figure out the time to be one or the other.

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Democrats Sweep Alexandria City Election

Moving local elections from May to November helped solidify one-party rule.

Three years ago, “Plunkee the Elephant” helped an independent and a Republican unseat two incumbent Democrats on the Alexandria City Council.

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Alexandria City Council Election Returns: Precinct By Precinct

How the candidates ranked in all of the city's voting precincts.

A listing of which candidates won which precincts.

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Alexandria Voters to Determine Direction of City Government

Growth, development, taxes and spending are the hot-button issues dividing candidates.

Are voters pleased with the recent direction of city government, which has dramatically increased the amount of density available to developers in recent years?