Council Member Elections

Council Member Elections


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Choice for Alexandria Voters: Insiders Versus Outsiders at City Hall

Growth, development, taxes and spending form dividing line between city candidates.

When they head into the voting booths on Election Day, Alexandria voters will be confronted with a choice: Do they like the recent direction of government at City Hall, where controversial planning decisions have divided the city and the average residential tax bill has nearly doubled in the last decade? Or are they looking for people who will work against the status quo?

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Is Money Buying Influence in the Race for Alexandria City Council?

Candidates accept contributions from people with business at City Hall.

Campaign finance documents show candidates for mayor and City Council have taken hundreds of dollars from people with business at City Hall.

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City Council Debate Heats Up Over Taxes and Spending

Candidates clash over budget issues at contentious candidates forum.

The high-water mark of Tuesday’s City Council candidates forum was a clash between former Councilman Justin Wilson and two incumbent members, Councilman Frank Fannon and Councilwoman Alicia Hughes, over taxes and spending, a key issue that hits voters in the pocketbook each year when property tax bills are issued.

On the Campaign Trail

With five weeks to go before Election Day, Republicans and Democrats have targeted a small number of jurisdictions as key battlegrounds, including Henrico County and Virginia Beach. Here in Northern Virginia, the key swing jurisdictions are Loudoun County and Prince William County, where Republican George W. Bush won in 2004 followed by Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 only to flip back the next year and vote fore Republican Bob McDonnell in 2009.

Be Prepared: What's on the Ballot?

Early voting (technically voting absentee-in-person) is already underway in Virginia, so you can go out and vote this week.

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Two independents and a Libertarian Offer Variety for Voters in City Council Race

Three candidates hoping to land seats at City Hall without major party labels.

Alexandria politics has long been dominated by Democrats, although Republicans have been successful from time to time.

Letter: BRAC History Is Important

On Sept. 12, five West End Civic Associations hosted a candidate forum focused on West End issues, which was attended by all of the candidates running for City Council. These same civic associations invited the mayoral candidates to participate in a similar forum but Mayor Euille’s campaign staff explained, he is way too busy to spend an evening with the voters of the West End.

Letter: BRAC Questions Still Unanswered

Thank you for Michael Lee Pope’s excellent article, “The BRAC Five” in the Sept. 20 issue. I’m delighted to see the BRAC 133 disaster brought back to life after vanishing from the public eye many months ago. I figured Mayor Euille and his council cronies had pulled the wool over our eyes once again.

Letter: Get Expenses Back to 2007

The following is an open letter to Councilman Paul Smedberg.

Letter: On BRAC, Blame Rumsfeld

In the page-one story of your Sept. 20 edition, you state that “Alexandria officials actively encouraged the Department of Defense to consider the Mark Center site” for its gigantic new office complex. Yet you provide no credible evidence to support this statement.

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Incumbents and Former Incumbents Take Heat for BRAC Site Selection

Ghosts of 2008 haunt the BRAC five.

The ghosts of 2008 are haunting the campaign for mayor and City Council, as candidates clash over events leading up to the relocation of more than 6,000 daily commuters to the city’s West End.

On the Campaign Trail

With six weeks to go before Election Day, it’s starting to look like Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille will not be debating former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald — at least not in a debate that doesn’t include all 12 of the City Council candidates.

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Hidden History of St. Asaph Racetrack

Del Ray was once home to an infamous gambling operation creating by a double-dealing senator.

You’d never know it today, but Del Ray was once the capital of gambling in Northern Virginia.

On the Campaign Trail

So far, three-term Mayor Bill Euille has yet to agree to a one-on-one debate with independent challenger and former Vice Mayor Andrew Macdonald.

On the Campaign Trail

What happens to City Councilman Rob Krupicka’s seat if he is elected to the House of Delegates next month? Fortunately for Democrats, it’s too late to have yet another special election.