Alexandria City Council Adopts Resolution 2950

Alexandria City Council Adopts Resolution 2950

COMMUNITY POLICE REVIEW BOARD: Alexandria City Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2950 on June 9 which condemns police brutality and systemic racism; reaffirms that Black Lives Matter; and states Council’s intent to establish a Community Police Review Board within 90 days.

The City Manager and City Attorney were directed to return to the Sept. 8 City Council meeting with a proposal to establish the board. The resolution was presented in the aftermath of the May 25 death of George Floyd.

SYSTEMIC RACISM: In its resolution, City Council acknowledges that the plight of black and brown Americans is not only present in the form of police brutality, but is also entrenched in institutions such as the judicial system, the electoral process, career advancement, education, housing and the health care system. The resolution also affirms that the City of Alexandria and all government officials have a duty to ensure the protection of all communities through actions and reform, including in the justice system. Resolution 2950 calls for state and federal elected officials to pass meaningful laws to prohibit militarization of law enforcement; reform the criminal justice movement; and reform police immunity laws.

The resolution identifies gathering data on the demographics of police encounters with the public and the urgent need to adopt a body-worn camera policy for police as priorities to be added to the City Council work plan. The Alexandria Police Department is currently evaluating implementation of a pilot camera program.