Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Troubling Legislative Proposals

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Troubling Legislative Proposals

Legislation being proposed in Virginia’s General Assembly by the Democrat majority is troubling indeed.

It is difficult at this point to estimate how many proposals will ultimately succeed in becoming law, but Alexandrians should be aware that there are bills being filed to: legalize casinos; eliminate single family zoning statewide; facilitate voter fraud by eliminating voter ID requirements and allowing same-day voter registration; take away the ‘right to work’ and allow union membership to be mandated for employment; and criminalize self-defense training if deemed by the state to be intended for civil disorder.

There are bills to: block parental knowledge and control over their minor children’s healthcare with respect to vaccines and abortion; force closure of privately-owned gun ranges and replacement with state-owned ranges; negate the outcome of Virginia’s Presidential election voting and require that our Electoral College votes be cast in accordance with the results from other more populous states; and abolish the death penalty for even the most heinous of criminals. Yet the unborn will probably get no such protection. We are very likely to see a renewed interest in a proposal for the late-term abortion of innocent human life.

There are numerous bills proposing to limit Second Amendment rights that go far beyond simply requiring background checks. When legal guns become illegal, gun confiscation inevitably becomes a real thing, just like in Nazi Germany.

Radical legislation is not where the legislators should focus their attention. Virginia needs things like: transportation solutions; clean waterways; college cost containment (and free speech on campus); workforce training; and jobs for central, southwest, and southeast Virginia. (Share the wealth, NOVA.) And we need a balanced budget that addresses the needs of our state and ensures our AAA bond rating.

Fortunately, there is Virginia’s Legislative Information System (https://lis.virginia.gov/ ). It provides the status and text of all bills, as well as information about patronage. Everyone better get ‘woke’ to what they are planning in Richmond before it’s too late.

Linda App

President, Commonwealth Republican Women’s Club