Opinion: Letter to the Editor: We Have a King

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: We Have a King

The triumph of Bike vs Car in the Seminary Road jousting contest is Newsworthy. But it's surpassed by the revelation that Alexandria has a King. His name is King Jinks, our erstwhile city manager.

It was the King's staff who concocted the joust between Bike and Car. They did so by having us to believe that diminishing road capacity by half will only add mere seconds to driving time and will not push cut-through traffic into adjoining neighborhoods.

Our King has also recently announced that he intends to expand the number of residents in Alexandria by 40,000 more people and their cars Diminishing road capacity while simultaneously increasing human and vehicular density in Alexandria is not something sought by the citizens, or even by a council advisory board.

Despite the close vote, the closest in memory, it's King Jinks' visions -- not citizen visions -- that are being imposed in Alexandria thanks in no small part to a compliant, rubber-stamping council.

Time for a new city manager who is responsive to taxpaying residents and for a new city council elected not at large, but by neighborhoods

Jimm Roberts

Rebellious Serf