Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Alexandria’s ‘Designated Deplorable?’

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Alexandria’s ‘Designated Deplorable?’

A thousand Alexandria voters supported Trump in the March 2016 Republican Presidential Primary. Are they all blue-collar folks too tired after a trying day of physical labor to write a letter-to-the-editor defending or explaining the current White House's policy decisions, so instead I have to? Just because my initials are "D.D." shouldn't mean that I'm Alexandria's "designated deplorable," sort of like baseball's "designated hitter."

An electorate profile of Virginia versus the U.S.A. as a whole graces your front cover. Relying on Census data, it shows percentages of the voting-age population. But age is not the only electoral requirement, so is U.S. citizenship, which is why Pres. Trump was right to want to restore the 1950 citizenship question to the census form. Groups like 18-44 year olds, Asians, and Hispanics have high numbers of non-citizens, so an electorate profile based on voting age citizens would be more appropriate.

Similarly, Del. Paul Krizek's call for "common-sense gun violence prevention" covers for what amounts to something verging on a broad gun ban. Let me put the pieces of his op-ed together: "The simple presence of a gun in the home increases the likelihood that a woman will be shot and killed. Women who were killed by a spouse, intimate partner, or close relative were 7 times more likely to have lived in homes with guns." What is this but a call for a broad gun ban for a large segment of the population? "American women...are 16 times more likely to be killed...by a gun than...in other high-income countries." Most of these countries have strict forms of gun control. How far will the new Democrat legislative majority go toward restricting Virginians' constitutional right of self-protection and gun ownership under the guise of "common-sense gun violence prevention"?

Dino Drudi