Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Step Up, Speak Out

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Step Up, Speak Out

ICE threatens massive raids targeting families. Alexandria immigrant communities live in fear even when massive raids haven’t happened yet.

Trump’s rhetoric toward immigrants gets more violent.

What does the City of Alexandria do? The mayor and sheriff refer immigrants to their websites for FAQs and referrals to legal aid, taking a “low-key” approach in the name of “not targeting” immigrant communities. “Low-key” is pretty low. As of July 22, neither the City of Alexandria nor Sheriff’s Office sites have any reference to threatened mass arrests by ICE on the home page, not even in English. Nothing!

Elsewhere: Montgomery County Executive Marc Erlich issues executive order preventing all departments from cooperating with ICE.

New York Mayor de Blasio states the city will not cooperate with ICE and sends out advocates to neighborhoods to contact immigrants and distribute resources.

Chicago Mayor’s Office organizes Neighborhood Navigators; residents of all ages to go out in neighborhoods and speak directly to vulnerable neighbors about their rights and establish emergency communication chains.

Please, City Council, Mayor Wilson: step up, speak out, lead. Silence makes us complicit.

Gillie Campbell

Grassroots Alexandria