Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Special Interest Investments

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Special Interest Investments

Thanks to the Gazette Packet for documenting which special interests have invested in which winning Democrats representing Alexandria. We can rest assured that, as Mark Twain remarked over a century ago, we have the best government money can buy! I guess wealthy special interests invest in politicians about the same way they invest in stocks and, without batting an eyelash, politicians take egregious amounts of money from them.

At the Nov. 26 meeting with city council, several of Alexandria's members of the legislature behaved like giddy tots at a birthday party blurting out précises of all the legislation they'd like to pass now that they have the majority. At least the libertarian Kochs and tea-party Uihleines, who are giving mega-money for ideological reasons, but Del Mark Levine told Alexandria's city council on Nov. 26 he would like to restrict such contributions, but apparently deep pocket economic interests investing in candidates who will carry water to advance their profit-making ventures are ok with Democrats representing us in the legislature.

To city council's credit, it included support for the redistricting constitutional amendment which Del. Levine supported last time, but it looks like he might not this time. He claims the judiciary can't be trusted, even though the courts have found the legislature can't be trusted and ordered various legislative districts redrawn. I guess redistricting reform is only needed when the Democrats aren't the ones gerrymandering.

Allowing the voters to overturn legislative enactments is an effective way to deter and correct legislative excesses. When Rob Krupicka was delegate, he offered a constitutional amendment which would allow voters to petition a law to referendum, which the Republicans rejected in committee. Now comes the time, with the shoe on the other foot, that they and the rest of us will rue their shortsightedness as the Democrats take their newfound majority to legislative excess.

Dino Drudi