Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance of Listening

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance of Listening

Our city is fortunate to have so many fine candidates vying for the six spots on the Democratic slate for City Council. Certainly this is a sign that we live in a vibrant community with an engaged and tuned-in electorate. I am writing in support of one such candidate, Mo Seifeldein, who not only represents the best qualities of our inclusive and caring city, but who also represents proof that the American Dream still exists.

As a lawyer, I can unequivocally state that attending law school and passing the bar is not an easy endeavor. However, it is beyond my imagination how one with little money, from a culturally dissimilar, war-torn country, and where English is not spoken, is able to become a lawyer within twenty years of arriving on our shores. In a nutshell, this is Mr. Seifeldein’s arduous story, and it clearly demonstrates that he is a quick read and is ready for the challenges of council on day one.

But a compelling personal story, alone, is not enough to support any candidate for council. Mr. Seifeldein understands that not everyone has had the luck, fortitude and opportunities that he has had. For this reason, he will strive to strengthen our city-wide institutions so that all Alexandrians will have an equal shot at fulfilling their dreams. Specifically, Mr. Seifeldein will work tirelessly on issues that improve the quality of life for our residents. These issues include responsible development, affordable housing, embracing technology, cultivating smart transit options, and fully funding our schools. Moreover, Mr. Seifeldein will prioritize listening to the concerns of the citizens — his door will always be open.

I hope that you will join me and vote for Mo Seifeldein, for City Council on June 12.

Matt Harris, Esq.