Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Enforce Parking For Handicapped

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Enforce Parking For Handicapped

In the past month twice I have had someone illegally park in the access aisle next to the handicap parking spot I was legally parked in. For the many, many citizens like myself in need of these spots due to a disability, some obvious, some invisible, this causes a lot of problems. For those who do not know where I'm referring to it's the striped area next to handicap parking spots.

Right now it's very cold outside, consider returning to your car to find you can't get in it due to the rudeness of someone who is illegally parked. It's illegal even if you have handicap tags to park there.

Add to that calling the police not once but four times before a parking officer responds, almost two hours later only to have the offender return at the same moment and be told by the parking officer “there's nothing that can be done.” There are things that can be done.

In doing a search online, sadly the only thing Alexandria is known for as to handicap parking awareness is the controversy a while back about people with handicap tags paying to park.

Many other cities across the country have taken positive steps to address this very real problem. I'm wondering why Alexandria has not? The bottom line to me is the question: Is the City of Alexandria willing to do something to address this problem and if so what and when? If not, why not? Are the disabled citizens not an important part of the city?

Toni Popkin