Helping Shape the Future — Alexandria Mentor of The Month

Helping Shape the Future — Alexandria Mentor of The Month

Peter Tomaselli and Sean

Peter Tomaselli and Sean

As a public servant for the City of Alexandria, I have always taken great pride in providing exemplary customer service to the local citizens of this city. The city government has always had a strong belief in providing these high levels of customer service at all costs. They, also, have had a strong belief in finding ways to ensure that our youth of tomorrow succeed in life.

I would be fortunate enough to get my opportunity towards making a positive impact on the youth of tomorrow when I decided to attend an information session hosted by the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership. I learned about all the admirable programs that were in need of strong, positive mentors. Out of all of those fascinating programs, I would end up being drawn towards the Wright to Read program. This program intrigued me the most primarily because I knew about the valuable importance of reading, especially, as it related to academic success and attaining further knowledge.

When I decided to become a mentor with the Wright to Read program, I really didn’t know what to expect. At first, I felt a tad anxious because I realized I would be responsible for a young individual’s success in meeting all desired reading goals. I, also, realized that I would have a strong hand in this young individual’s maturation process. So, the thought of all this became rather overwhelming to me. Fortunately, there was no reason for me to think or feel this way because I realized that I would not be alone in this mentoring process. Wright to Read willingly provided me all the tools needed to succeed in their program. Plus, I was fortunate enough to have a great supporting cast in my mentee’s family who were willing to accommodate me in any manner possible because they truly cared about the overall success of my mentee, Sean.

Sean has been such a pleasure to have as a mentee. I truly appreciate his strong effort and persistence in striving to improve in all facets of literacy. I am really not surprised that Sean has progressed in the manner that he has because he has, definitely, put in all the hard work during our sessions at the library and at home with his family. Sean is the main reason why I am even being considered for Wright to Read’s Mentor of the Month. This nomination consideration is a testament of the nearly two years of hard work that Sean and I have embarked together. I am very excited to see with what the future will hold for Sean.


My mentor, Peter, and I read every week at Beatley Library. We met when I was a second grader and continued meeting during the summer when school was out. I like meeting with Peter to improve my reading. I have learned to improve my fluency in reading. I have also increased my reading speed and I don’t sound choppy anymore. We read mostly books that interests me. We have ready anywhere from poetry to fiction to non-fiction books.

We sometimes meet outside of our sessions on the weekends as well. We like going to the pool and having family dinners. The best day was when my mentor met me at the renaissance festival for my birthday.

Peter deserves to be the Mentor of the Month, because we have worked as a team to improve each week. He always pushes me to go to the next level. The Wright to Read program has helped me read over the level I am supposed to be. I truly consider my mentor a big brother. Thank you Wright to Read!

Wright to Read is a member of the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP). AMP was created in 2006 to ensure that quality mentors and mentor programs are available for Alexandria's youth and young adults in need. January is National Mentoring Month and AMP program members are hosting various activities this month. To learn more about Wright to Read, visit www.wrighttoread.org or to learn more about AMP and the activities taking place in January, visit: http://www.alexandriava.gov/Mentoring.