Letter: Overlooked Candidate

Letter: Overlooked Candidate

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

While I do not live in Alexandria I was in the west end of the city recently giving a contribution to City Council candidate Monique Miles from my organization, the Virginia Federation of Republican Women. I am sure Herve Aitken [“Is City ‘Well-Run,” letter, July 30-Aug. 5, Gazette Packet] did not mean to slight or forget her as he listed all the other Republicans in the race. Ms Miles is a wonderful representative on my organization — highly educated with political experience and a positive message with concrete plans for the city. For those who are worried about the direction of the city, Ms Miles is a constructive change in leadership. For those not disposed to change, she is a person with committed passion for the city. She is a practicing lawyer who has been involved with politics most of her life and who is also a long-time community activist. She deserves attention from this publication and she would be a wonderful addition to the City of Alexandria leadership.

Linda Bartlett