Letter: No Reason for Write-In

Letter: No Reason for Write-In

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

If you live in affordable or low income housing, why would you possibly write-in a vote for the mayor? Under his leadership the AHRA housing stock has plummented in favor of market rate housing and soon gobs of relatively speaking, "affordable housing" apartments will soon go bye-bye in the Beauregard corridor and likely Arlandria.

In a couple of years when the Waterfront is redeveloped, we'll have more tourists flocking to Old Town and the residents won't be able to leave their homes for fear of not being able to park unless they are lucky enough to have a driveway.

We have a mayor who welcomes our ethnic diversity population which is very nice, but that needs a larger commitment to our public schools to rebuild our aging elementary schools. Additionally, we need to fund the schools to allow for much-needed classrom space due to increasing enrollment, and also allow proper funding of programs to deal with the vast ethnic populations in the school system.

As for the power plant, I'm sure someone could dig up an article where the mayor said the property would be open space when the plant was closed. Now it seems the only real open space there will continue to be the George Washington trail.

Last, it’s been nearly two months now and westbound Braddock at Mt. Vernon Avenue has not been striped.

So tell me why I should vote for Mayor Euille should he launch a write-in campaign?

Ruben "Bill" Duran