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Trouble Down the Metro Tracks

Regional Metro leadership outlines upcoming crisis.

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Housing Proposal on the Precipice in Alexandria

Development weathers soil erosion concerns.

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Inside Alexandria's Scottish Walk

Annual event hosted by Campagna Center returns Dec. 2.

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Mayoral Battle in Alexandria

Vice Mayor Justin Wilson enters race against Mayor Allison Silberberg.

Alexandria mayor race

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It Belongs in a Museum in Alexandria

Alexandria Archaeology faces wary developers and amateur treasure hunters.

Clarence Terry: Not Guilty

Second trial in the murder of Shakeel Baldon ends in not-guilty verdict.

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Del Ray: The Last Halloween

Rain delay pushes Halloween into November.

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Suspensions Suspended in Alexandria

Restorative practices in city schools.

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Who We Hit in Alexandria

Working towards a crash-free Alexandria with Vision Zero.

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Lee Street Haunts

Old Town fills with children of all ages for Halloween.

Halloween in Old Town

New High School in Alexandria?

Discussion of overcrowding leads to new high school.

CHIPped Away in Alexandria

Alexandria children could pay the price for national healthcare debate.

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Too Much Parking in Alexandria?

New commercial parking standards to ease requirements on businesses.

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Deal with Developer in Alexandria

First council brawl of the fall.

Good Neighbors And Bad Neighbors in Alexandria

Airbnb discussion

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Tale of Two Waterfronts

With the opening of The Wharf, the Potomac River gets a little more crowded.

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Small Areas, Big Plans in Alexandria: Part Two

Plans for non-Metro neighborhoods.

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Small Areas, Big Plans in Alexandria

Part One: An overview of Alexandria’s small area plans along the Metro.

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‘It Never Goes Away’

Survivors of domestic violence share stories of those lost.

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Under the Surface in Alexandria

Residents say barriers to recreational activities contribute to North Old Town violence.

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GenOff in Alexandria

Future of the GenOn Power Plant five years after closure.

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Staying Strong in Alexandria

Optimism and caution at annual Visit Alexandria meeting.

Consensus Leads to Conflict

Neighborhood-School agreement leads to City Council-Planning Commission spat.

City Council

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Upward Bound

Despite ongoing accreditation problems, Jefferson Houston celebrates academic gains.


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Cubicles to Classrooms

Converted office space redesigned as newest elementary school.

Converted office space redesigned as newest elementary school.

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Citizens Young and New in Alexandria

Alexandrians celebrate citizenship with school performance and naturalization ceremony.

Adkins Delay Reignites Old ARHA-City Council Feud

City Council livid over Andrew Adkins redevelopment delays.

For Whom the BID Tolls in Alexandria

BID dies in City Hall.

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Recalling 9/11 in Alexandria

First responders reflect on the terrorist attack of 16 years ago and life since.

Fatal Delay in Alexandria?

Andrew Adkins redevelopment could be endangered.

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Cold Case Revisited

Ongoing Alexandria mystery of murdered Army sergeant and father of two.

Cold murder case

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What’s Ahead For Alexandria

Council lays out legislative priorities for the fall.

Alexandria City Council Plans

How Alexandria Got Its Shape

History of boundary changes in Alexandria.

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The Forgotten Town

The saga of short-lived Potomac, Va.

The Best Defense Money Can’t Buy in Alexandria

Public Defender Office celebrates 30 years.

Courting Controversy in Alexandria

Planning Commission reviews its mission.

Mass for First Responders

Honoring those who “put their lives on the line.”

Honoring those who “put their lives on the line.”

Find a Spot

New parking standards under review.

Task Force Reviewing New Parking Standards

Violence in Charlottesville reignites questions about Alexandria’s Confederate icons.

Questions about Alexandria’s Confederate icons.

Safe Place Nearby

National initiative offers local children a safe refuge.

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Back to School at Samuel Tucker Elementary

Year-Round school starts again.

Restructuring T.C. Williams

School counseling system reorganized by incoming principal.

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Shooting in Del Ray

Juvenile suspect arrested.

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Cut Loose with the Bacon Brothers

The Police Chief, the Mayor, and Kevin Bacon walk into a bar ...

Bacon Brothers make an Appearance in Old Town