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Senior Living: ‘The 5 Senses and Aging’

We all know that as we age, so do our five senses. Knowing what to expect can help us take steps to continue to live independent and productive lives. That was the message from the April Speaker Series event co-sponsored by Senior Services of Alexandria, Inova Alexandria Hospital and Alexandria’s Successful Aging Committee. More than 100 seniors flocked to the Nannie J. Lee Center last Wednesday for a lively morning filled with valuable information and a Health and Fitness Fair. Participants tried their hand at belly dancing and tai chi, sampled delicious healthy recipes, had free blood pressure and hearing tests, and even enjoyed shoulder massages.

These Shelter Pets Face Challenges

Beauty is more than skin-deep.

As the old maxim goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover. The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria encourages potential adopters to apply that same advice to pets seeking new homes. “An animal can be a 10- to 20-year commitment, and it is important to select an animal that matches your lifestyle and energy level and to pick your companion based on personality rather than appearance,” said Megan Webb, executive director of the League.

ARHA Adopts Non-Smoking Policy

The Board of Commissioners of the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority unanimously approved a resolution calling for a Non-Smoking Policy for all ARHA residents at its meeting last month. When fully implemented in late Spring 2015, the new policy will cover approximately 3,000 residents.

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Food Fight: Work Group Snubbed on Food Trucks

City officials move forward with recommendations without report from work group.

Last May, City Manager Rashad Young issued a series of recommendations that would have opened the door to food trucks in Old Town, Del Ray and Carlyle.

Recycling and Earth Day

April 22 marks the 44th anniversary of Earth Day, a day specifically devised to prompt people to ask, “What can I do to make a difference for the earth?” Solving global environmental issues like climate change may be so daunting for some people that they automatically assume there is nothing they can do to help. But in reality, there are things we can each do every day that can have a big impact on our community and the environment. The simplest of these is to recycle.

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Commentary: Celebrating Creativity, Recovery and Mental Health

Alexandria will open its fourth annual Art Uniting People celebration and exhibition on May 7 with several firsts this year. For the first time the opening exhibition and reception will take place at The Gallery@Convergence. Convergence, a faith community that explores the intersection of art, faith and the human experience, is well known for presenting the work of local artists, musicians and dancers.

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Alone on the Road: 7 out of 10 Northern Virginia Workers Use Single-Occupancy Vehicles

Study raises concerns about amount of time drivers spend commuting alone.

Despite the decades-long war against the single-occupancy vehicle, seven out of 10 workers in Northern Virginia drive to work alone every workday.

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Alexandria to Stop Dumping Human Waste into Potomac River by Earth Day 2035

Fixing combined sewer overflows to cost at least $200 million.

The year 2035 seems like a distant dream. But it's a Sword of Damocles hanging over the head of officials at City Hall. That's the year Alexandria will no longer dump human waste into the Potomac River.

Northern Virginia Senior Olympics Mission: Living Healthy Longer

The 2014 Northern Virginia Senior Olympics will take place Sept. 13-24 at 18 venues throughout Northern Virginia. Adults 50 years of age and over who live in one of the sponsoring jurisdictions are eligible to participate.

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Bike Lane Controversy Creates a King-Sized Debate in Alexandria

City Council set to take up proposal to remove parking and install bike lanes.

Months of bitter accusations and counter-accusations are set to culminate this weekend as members of the Alexandria City Council take up a plan to remove four blocks of parking spaces on King Street to make room for a bike lane in each direction.

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Alexandria Food Truck Task Force Prepares to Issue Recommendations

A movable feast through Old Town, Del Ray and Carlyle?

This spring, advocates for food trucks will engage in a battle with brick-and-mortar restaurants.

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Treasuring Alexandrians’ Health at the YMCA

Offering an array of activities for every age group, YMCA Alexandria continued in 2013 to serve as a center for wellness in our community and plans another rich program of services for 2014. Activities available to members — from infants to nonagenarians — include personal and group cardiovascular training and weightlifting; aquatics and a youth swim team (the Sea Dragons); aerobics, pilates, zumba, yoga, ballet, and cycling; as well as day care, after-school care, and teen leadership opportunities.

Decriminalizing Suicide

General Assembly to consider abolishing common-law crime of suicide.

Suicide is illegal in Virginia, one of the few states that has not yet abolished the English common-law tradition of criminalizing the act of intentionally causing one's own death.

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Alexandria Schools See Rising Poverty In the Classroom

City has the highest rates of students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch in region.

In the last decade, the percentage of Alexandria students who live in poverty has grown from 50 percent to 56 percent. That's the largest percentage of students who qualify for free or reduced price lunch in the region, according to a recent analysis by the Washington Area Boards of Education.

New Approach to Mental Health

Reforms in wake of tragedy involving state senator's son.

Advocates for mental health services have been calling for improved services and increased funding for years, although the issue has been pushed aside year after year.