News for Thursday, February 23, 2012

News for Thursday, February 23, 2012



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Talk of the Town: Pets

Talk of the Town: Pets

Orange Line Connection Feb. 22-28

Orange Line Connection

Arlington School Notes Feb. 22-28

Arlington School Notes

Arlington Calendar Feb. 22-28

Know of something missing from our community entertainment Calendar? Send it to The Arlington Connection, e-mail it to arlington@connectionnewspapers.com. Deadline is 2 p.m. the Thursday before publication. Call Steve Hibbard at 703-778-9412 with any questions. Photos are welcome.

New Aquatics Center Opens

The new Yorktown High School Aquatics Center has officially opened. The facility contains an eight-lane competition pool with a separate diving well and a separate instructional pool. The diving area, completely separated from the lap lanes, includes two one-meter springboards. The instructional pool includes a handicapped accessible ramp. A wet classroom, available for pool party rentals, and a spectator area with capacity in excess of 200 overlooking the pools are also available.

"Flourishing After 55"

"Flourishing After 55" from Arlington’s Office of Senior Adult Programs for March 5-10.

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For Pets from Paradise, Alexandria Is Heaven

Adoption opportunities for kittens in need

The U.S. territory of St. Croix is a Caribbean paradise. A rolling sea surrounds lush beaches, the climate is warm year-round, and there are few crowds. The same island features that make for an amiable habitat for humans, however, are disastrous for local animal populations.

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Behind the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter

For 15 years, she served as City Manager and knew in advance the details of every item that was scheduled to come before City Council. So for Vola Lawson, that one City Council meeting back in 1999 took her by surprise.

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They Focus on ‘Orphan’ Disease

Malignant mesothelioma appears in 3,000 cases annually

Malignant mesothelioma is a tumor found in the lining of the lungs, heart or stomach. Exposure to asbestos causes mesothelioma. It lies dormant and asymptomatic within people for as long as 50 years before it erupts. Once diagnosed — 3,000 cases annually — the disease is always fatal.

McCaffrey Addresses Friendship Veterans

Patsy Ticer receives distinguished service award

The Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association held its annual breakfast Feb. 20 at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Old Town in the traditional kick-off to the city's George Washington Birthday Parade celebrations.

Column: Seminary Valley

If you lived in Seminary Valley in the 1960s and ’70s, you knew the McKeon family and their eight children: Charles McKeon, Jr., Sharon, Brian, Peggy, John, Pat, Keen and Marie. Last week, the Valley and Alexandria lost Mae McKeon, formerly of Strathblane Place. Marie (Zack) still lives in the original family home and it was the scene of a reunion after Mae’s service at Blessed Sacrament.

Column: National Controversy and Budget Process Begins

Crossover Week at the General Assembly found us in the national media spotlight of Saturday Night Live, CNN and the Rachel Maddow Show. Over 1,000 demonstrators appeared at the State Capitol this week.

Column: On the Way to $85 Billion Budget

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling broke a tie in the evenly divided Senate chamber at the beginning of the Session. This provided Republican organizational control of the Senate even though a lawsuit is still pending on whether the power should be shared. In taking this step, many bills have been passed that were voted down by a more moderate Senate in past years.

Column: Advice for Healthy Seniors

The Senior Speaker Series continues next month with an event co-sponsored by Senior Services of Alexandria and Inova Alexandria Hospital on March 7 at 10:30 a.m.

Letter: Prompt Action, Good Work

I am writing to commend the City of Alexandria’s Office of Environmental Quality for its prompt response to a concern I passed along to them this past Wednesday, Feb. 15. That morning, I was walking my dog in the Chinquapin woods, like I do every weekday just before dawn

Column: Building Windmills, Transforming Communities

I was amazed and inspired when I read "The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity & Hope," written by Malawi-born author William Kamkwamba with journalist Bryan Mealer.

Letter: Invaluable Assist for Seniors

With all the talk about the rapid growth of the aging population, here in Alexandria there is an answer that benefits our community by supporting seniors who want to stay in their homes.

Letter: Manager’s Budget Lacks Vision

Alexandria's city manager's proposed budget reveals a flawed focus and vision. Instead of proposing major budget cuts in public safety and scaling back the major capital improvement projects, our city manager has instead preferred to cut jobs and reward the speculative metrics of more expenditures on public safety and priority development projects.

Letter: Displacing The Poor

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Beauregard Small Area Plan working session held at the Landmark Mall. As many of your readers may be aware, this plan is quite contentious — particularly to the residents of the West End neighborhood who will be most impacted.

Letter: Congressional Satirist?

Let’s not lose our faith in Rep. Moran’s ability to surprise. As background, he gamely decided to co-sponsor the STOCK Act which prohibits congressmen from buying or selling securities based on “congressional nonpublic” information.

Letter: Honoring George Washington

I commend Mayor Euille for proclaiming February 2012 as a month-long celebration to mark George Washington’s 280th birthday and the Birthday Committee for planning and facilitating the events and activities throughout the month.

Letter: Say Thanks in the Budget

Scott Gordon wrote a very moving tribute to our Alexandria First Responders in his Feb. 16 letter entitled "Say Thanks." He's right; the spirit of his letter and his recommendation to just say thanks are both spot on.

Week in Alexandria

This weekend, members of the Alexandria City Council are set to conduct a public hearing on an ordinance officially incorporating the controversial waterfront small-area plan into the city’s master plan.

In Session

Alexandria’s Senate delegation is divided on the King’s Dominion Law, the 30-year-old mandate that prevents school systems from opening before Labor Day.

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Block by Block, 1940s Concentrated Public Housing in Alexandria is Being Demolished

All the units will be replaced, but will scattered-site housing work?

For more than half a century, the Parker Gray neighborhood has been home to blocks of public housing.

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Voters to Have Final Say on Eminent Domain Amendment

Opinions are divided as to what kind of influence the amendment could have if passed.

This fall, voters across Virginia will be confronted with a hotly debated amendment to the Virginia Constitution that seeks to limit the ability of local governments to use the power of eminent domain.