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Mapmaking Politics

Legislative Black Caucus leads effort to undermine redistricting amendment.

Virginia has a horrible history with racial gerrymandering. It started with the ratification of the Constitution, an effort led by Virginians who wanted to count slaves as three-fifths of a person so representation in the south wouldn’t suffer because so many of its inhabitants were non-voting enslaved people. It continued all the way to 2011, when the Republican leaders engaged in a scheme of packing black voters into House districts to dilute their influence elsewhere, a plan the United States Supreme Court later determined was unconstitutional. Now members of the Legislative Black Caucus are worried a proposed amendment might enshrine racial gerrymandering into the Virginia Constitution.

Protecting Virginia Youth from Human Trafficking

General Assembly passes bills to combat human trafficking of minors.


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Black History for a New Generation

Lessons on the contributions of African Americans not limited to February.


Opinion: Commentary: Climate Change at Our Doorstep

How Virginia is taking the high road.