Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Ah, Summer

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Ah, Summer

I thought the Alexandria community should be aware of this kindness.

I want to thank Sue Goodhart and her team at Compass Realty for their generosity and kindness in providing the funding for the first annual Movie Night at Chinquapin Park on Saturday, June 8. It was a delightful no cost family event. A time for free swimming at Chinquapin Recreation Center’s Rixie Pool and then an evening watching Paddington II on the 40-foot wide screen with stars and the moon overhead. The weather was glorious and bug free. There was plenty of room to spread out chairs and blankets in the spacious Chinquapin Park. Kabba Ice Cream and Popped Republic trucks added to the festivities.

A big thanks also needs to go to the Chinquapin Staff for their efforts in providing this new special family friendly event. For me and those in attendance the start of summer has “officially” begun.

Carolyn Griglione