Newcomers & Community Guide: Alexandria

Newcomers & Community Guide: Alexandria


Home Sick in Alexandria

Outdated apartment complexes gush greenhouse gas emissions.

Apartments outdated

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Giving Thanks in Alexandria

Miracle League honors first responders.

Miracle League honors first responders.

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A Home to History


Alexandria Newcomers & Community Guide 2023-24

Alexandria Newcomers Guide

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Star Search in Alexandria

Celebrities and athletes have called Alexandria home.

Stars in Alexandria

Newcomers & Community Guide 2023

Find What You Need

Newcomers Guide

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Reston Association Chooses New CEO

One-on-one interview with Mac Cummins, AICP

One-on-one interview with Mac Cummins, AICP

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Home, Sweet Home

City continues pandemic rebound.

Alexandria Newcomers

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‘It’s Good to be Back’

Art Festival returns to Carlyle.

Art Fest

Offer to Buy River Farm Inches Up, But Declined by Seller

NOVA Parks is still part of the future at River Farm.

On Sunday evening, Sept. 26, the American Horticultural Society voted against an offer from NOVA Parks to purchase River Farm during a board meeting of the American Horticultural Society, but they are leaving it open for more offers.

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Opinion: Commentary: Lee District Welcomes You

On behalf of Fairfax County, and especially Lee District, I welcome you to our community.

Alexandria/Mount Vernon Nonprofits

Many nonprofits in the city and nearby need your help to continue to rise to the need during the dual health and economic crisis of the pandemic.

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Getting Out, Giving Back in Alexandria

Opportunities abound to help community

As Alexandrians continue facing challenging times during the pandemic, individuals have rallied in their spirit of giving, whether it be in time, talents or resources with no shortage of opportunities to get involved.

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Getting Down to Business in Alexandria

Guide to navigating the ABCs of Alexandria, for newcomers and the rest of us

With Alexandrians living in the shadow of the nation’s capital, acronyms such as DoD, NSA and DHS are a part of the daily vernacular.