Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Teenagers Organize ‘Rally to Reunite’

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Teenagers Organize ‘Rally to Reunite’


Rally organizers, from left: Bee Hyland, 17, Leesburg; Tarina Ahuja, 16, Ashburn; and Perrin McHugh, 17, McLean.

In light of the humanitarian crisis on the border, high school students were not able to sit back and watch people struggle and suffer. Virginia teenagers, Tarina Ahuja, Perrin McHugh, and Bee Hyland, organized a rally titled “Rally to Reunite” that took place in front of the ICE building in Fairfax.

The event was full of inspirational speakers and performers, loud chants, colorful signs, and a pervading message that the people are watching and refuse to stay silent.

The speakers included Rajwant Singh, president of EcoSikh; Mansimran Kahlon, the vice chair of the 10th District Democratic Committee in Prince Williams County; and a musical performance by Gurl Music.

The enthusiasm was contagious. Cars, pedestrians, and cyclists would stop to cheer and show their support for the cause creating a larger sense of unity and solidarity with the separated families. Throughout the day, speakers and organizers emphasized the need for both adults and young people to vote.

According to these young people, civic engagement, no matter your age, is the key to creating a government that we can be proud of. The students emphasized that having young people involved is what will bring our country forward. They emphasized that youths have new ideas, new perspectives and also will be the ones with solutions in the future. Many people have told these students that young people do not belong in politics, but they hold strong in their belief that the voice of their generation is valuable and something that is necessary considering our current political climate.

Tarina Ahuja