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Drugs are objects or substances that can be used to treat illness, relieve symptoms, or alter the chemical processes in the body. Drug is a material or alloy of substances intended for use in establishing a diagnosis, preventing, reducing, eliminating, curing ailments or symptoms of bodily or animal diseases, injuries or bodily or physical ailments and to twist or beautify the body or parts of the human body including traditional medicine.
In the United States, a medical professional can obtain drugs from pharmaceutical companies or pharmacies (who buy drugs from pharmaceutical companies). The pharmacy may also provide the drug directly to the patient if the drug can be safely used alone, or authorized by a prescription written by a doctor.

Most drugs are expensive to buy when they are first marketed, but health insurance can be used to alleviate costs. When a patent for a drug expires, generic drugs are made and circulated by other companies. Drugs that do not require a prescription from a doctor known as OTC (English: Over the Counter, which means at the checkout) can be sold in a regular store.

In Indonesia, more expensive drugs due to the huge marketing costs borne by pharmaceutical companies, especially for prescription drugs as


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